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Life As A Thirty-One Year Old

Image result for big round basketball cakeWell being a thirty year old was really busy. But now I am thirty-one and it will be even more busy. Today is my birthday I am 31 now. My kids told me to stay in bed so I could have some rest for my birthday party. I know what your thinking but I am not to old to have a birthday party. All the basketball coaches and players are coming to the party. But right before the party I got a surprising call it was from the Oklahoma City Thunder.

I picked up the phone and they asked if this was Nicholas and I said yes. They said that they were offering a job as a head coach. They said that I could still coach Oklahoma State. I said yes when can I get a application and they said you don’t need one we are just doing interviews. I said great when are they and they said they will be tomorrow.

After the call guest started to arrive. The basketball team brought a big basketball cake for me. Then the party started! The party lasted until 3 am well that is when everyone calmed down they left at 4:35 am. Well that was a fun birthday party the kids said.


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